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Monday, July 2, 2007

Pardon Moi

Now before all of the self described libs out there get too bent out of shape about the clemency for Scooter Libby let me remind everyone of the Clinton pardon of Mark Rich.

Mr. Rich, who apparently was represented by Scooter (small world) ran from the U.S. before his trial for millions in unpaid taxes. At least Scooter was man enough to stick around for his trial.

Now let's take a look at the lives of Scooter and Rich:

Scooter's life is ruined, now being a felon he will lose his law license and will have to pay a 250k fine back to the government. His professional life as he knows it is over and he will have to start all over somewhere else, with the approval of his parole officer.

On the other hand, Rich's life is still pretty sweet. Rich is still loaded with lots of money from commodity trading and he has not a even a blemish on his record (the pardon took care of that). I am not sure if he has repaid the government or if he has step foot back into this country. If someone knows his whereabouts I'd like to hear it.

As for Bush granting the clemency, I'm glad that Bush will at least give the press a chance to grill him on his decision rather than trying to sneak the clemency through in the middle of the night hours before he leaves office.

So if you want to wave Scooter's name around and rant about the wrong that was committed by this act, I will wave Rich's name right back at you and I'll know this clemency was a fairer act than Clinton's pardon.

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The Clinton Admn. Policy on Terrorism

The Clinton Admn. Policy on Terrorism
Credit: Diana Walker