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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

And a Drivers License in Every Pot

I still can be befuddled by what our "wise" politicians think any idea is actually a good idea.

Let's take this week's punching bag, drivers licenses for illegal aliens, for example.

Now if you are lucky enough to make your way (illegally) from Mexico to the Great state of New York you may soon be able to get the privilege to drive on our nation's great road system (which you did not pay for.) That being said you may have an accident and go to the hospital and receive medical care (which you will not pay for.) Then having been disabled you can apply for government benefits (which you don't contribute to) and then you can recover at home while your children go to a local school (which you don't pay for.)

Damn this is a pretty sweet deal where do I sign up...

Oh yeah I am here legally so I actually pay taxes to pay for the roads, schools, and government programs that take care of those who like to sponge off our country from the shadows.

Ah the Glory of a Communist Factory

The Clinton Admn. Policy on Terrorism

The Clinton Admn. Policy on Terrorism
Credit: Diana Walker