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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Cindy Sheehan Calls it Quits

After a few years and tonnes of PR Cindy Sheehan is hanging up the towel.

After such a long run of anti-war protests what has she accomplished?

Not much.

Her first goal of meeting Bush and changing his mind on Iraq policy was never accomplished.

After sitting in a drainage ditch in Crawford, Texas she moved on to greener pastures i.e. Congress. There she was able to assist in the democrat takeover of Congress in '06. This takeover really can't be called a victory because all of the newly elected "anti-war" democrats decided to fund the war rather than not fund the war. I bet that burned.

She purchased a 5 acre spread in Crawford to be used as a peace camp, hippie commune or coffee shop. Now the land is up for sale and the poor little hippie folk won't have a field to sleep in anymore.

I do feel somewhat sympathetic towards Cindy. Her message was with merit, but corrupted by those around her. When she called the democrats to task on the Iraq funding the liberal blogoshpere lit into her like it was no one's business. The big D's in the democrat party used her as a pawn and now that they are done with her she will be treated like trash.

Friday, May 25, 2007

What the Flak is Going on Around Here?

Yeah, I said I was on vacation, but I haven't left yet.

Well if you have ever wondered how Obama is on national defence the answer would be weak.

The big O voted no to fund our troops in Iraq. That is no money for food, gas or anything else that our troops need to function in Iraq. I will never claim to be a military mastermind, but I think not funding the military leads to a few problems.

Maybe Obama's plan is to have the military use spitwads against the bad guys, but they still need funding to buy the paper and straws.

Does Obama think by being a coward will lull the terrorists into surrender?

I would really like to hear what Barack has to say regarding a comprehensive plan on the war on terrorism.

I will bet that redeployment (A.K.A retreat) will be mentioned a lot.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

There be a New Hypocrite in Town!

I knew this would happen, but I didn't know it would be this easy. Pictured to the left courtesy of Time Magazine is a photo of Al gore working hard in his office to save the world from certain destruction.

Or is he?

It looks to me that this is the absolute worst office to save the world from.

Let's start with the desk. We can't really see it because of the thick layering of papers across the surface. If we were to drill for a core sample we should be able to determine how many trees were killed in order to achieve this marvelous feat.

Next is the broad expanse of no less than what appears to be 3, 30 inch apple HD displays. These puppies consume up to 150W each. I hope Al uses some sunscreen these three bad boys should give him a nice tan when in use.

Next up is Al's nifty plasma TV. According to the average plasma consumes 328W of power when in use.

Last is the trash/recycling bin which is located in the bottom left hand corner of the photo. It is EMPTY. Don't try to tell me that Joe the janitor popped in to empty the can just before the photo was taken.

It looks to me that Al is doing everything he can to consume as much power as possible while he works to save the world.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Murtha Sets the New Tone in DC

So you ask, what is the new tone in DC these days? Well if you ask Rep John Murtha - D, PA the new tone is threatening a colleague on the house floor.

If you ever want to really get a Congress person's blood boiling you have got to mess with his or her money (BTW this money is actually ours).

That being said, Murtha snuck a 23 million earmark into the bloated U. S. budget to fund a drug intelligence center in Murtha's district. When Republican Mike Rogers from MI called him out on the earmark that is when the floor fireworks show began.

While on the House floor Murtha walked over to Rogers and lit into him for his actions.

“I hope you don’t have any earmarks in the defense appropriations bills because they are gone, and you will not get any earmarks now and forever,” said Murtha. Quoted from Oh, and by the way that type of threatening language is a big no-no for members of the House.

If you think Murtha is just blowing off steam he does sit on the Appropriations Committee where he could really mess with funding requests from Rogers.

Now I have always thought Murtha is pretty much a jerk, and this type of behaviour only proves my suspicions. The threats, shouting and intimidation will only go so far for Murtha. At some point Murtha will need bi-partisan help and at that point the Republicans should tell Murtha where to stick it.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The DNC Welcomes Evangelicals

If Howard Dean wants to welcome Evangelicals into the fold of the democrat party (Click Here), then perhaps they should at least mention the passing of Rev. Jerry Falwell on the DNC website (Click Here).

Perhaps the web team is out yucking it up at the Playboy Mansion.

Dean Travels Like a Rock Star!

It must be nice being king, emperor, grand exalted one or whatever Howard Dean likes to call himself on a daily basis.

Dean gets to jet set around the country and hang out at some of the swankiest places. Here is a short list:

June 11th Grand Sierra Resort, Reno (Click Here) $275 for a Petite Suite

May 11th Palace Hotel, San Fransisco (Click Here) $489 for a Superior Suite

May 1st Parrot Jungle Island, Miami (Click Here) This is not a hotel, but hey a guy has got to relax.

I'll keep an eye on where Dean will pop up next. I bet it won't be a Red Roof Inn.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Barack Thinks He is Running Against Bush

I think I may have been sucked into some sort of alternate dimension. Barack Obama keeps bringing up George W. Bush as if he were to run against W. in 2008 (Click Here).

Now to be somewhat fair to the big O all of the democrat Presidential candidates seem to love to talk about how bad Bush is for this country, but since Barack is at the top of the heap I'm going to pick on him.

Here is my advice.


That also goes for the rest of the lame-o-tastic candidates running for the democratic nod for President.

Now if my use of all caps, bold and the use of three exclamation marks did not get the message across, you may just never get it.

When it occurs to the dems that Bush is not running for President in 2008 they will have to scrap over 8 years of material. Such over-often used cliches like: oilman, Haliburton, Texas, cowboy diplomacy, and how could I not mention hubris will all be gone.

Now that we all understand that Bush is not running in 2008 which democratic candidate will make it through a campaign speech without mentioning Bush? If anyone thinks that will happen I have the deed to the Golden Gate Bridge to sell you.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Barack the Bashful

Oh how I can remember back in 2002 that former Attorney General John Ashcroft's staff partially covered some "showy" statues for a presser at the Justice Department (Click Here). The press poked fun at the former AG about the matter and some said it was censorism (Click Here).

Jump forward to 2007 where a certain democratic Presidential candidate named Barack Obama has removed a couple of paintings from an art gallery before a campaign stop (Click Here). One of the artworks was of Brittany Spears getting out of a car (that is the polite way to describe it). The other piece was of a rather bold t shirt which pertained to old Honest Abe (that is another polite way to describe the painting).

If someone on his staff thought this setting was inappropriate, then perhaps they should have gone to another location to have the ice cream social, pancake dinner or whatever was going on that night.

Short Term Funding Disorder

Congress seems to have succumbed to a new and quite possibly disastrous disease.

Short Term Funding Disorder

STFD for short occurs when Congress can only fund a slice of government for only two months at a time. This appears to be happening with the Iraq war funding. Congress thinks that by only funding a war two months at a time will improve the situation and return our troops home sooner.

What genius thought this one up?

What message does this send to our allies? I'll tell you what the message is that is being sent.

Our government is weak and indecisive on this war on terrorism. The only person that is not is Bush, and no one listens to him anymore - not even some Republicans. If the U.S. is unwilling to pursue this war then our allies will not stick their necks out to pursue this war either. Are we to give a huge victory to Al-Qaeda in Iraq as well as a safe haven inside a shattered and chaotic country?

To be honest I think we will still have troops in Iraq for at least two more years. That will be at least 8 more half-hearted funding measures which only goes to benefit the morale of our enemy .

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Is it 10 or 10,000?

Don't you just hate numbers? Those pesky little things have a habit of making someone look really stupid.

This time the accursed digits landed into the speech of Presidential hopeful Barack Obama. He was making reference to the horrible Greensburg tornado where, at last count 12 people lost their lives. Instead of saying 10 (politicians like to round numbers) he spat out that 10,000 people had lost their lives.

Now the big O said it was hot, he was tired, and Godzilla was in the back row making funny faces at him which led to the slip-o-the-tongue.

Well Barack, as President getting your numbers right the first time is important. Will he as President misstate the US budget by over 1000x? Will he address 100,000 sitting US Senators? Will he protect all 50,000 states?

Perhaps a game of Sudoku between stops will sharpen his number skills up.

Edwards Wants to be the Next President Not to Solve Poverty

"If elected President, I will end poverty."

How many times have we heard this statement? In 1964 LBJ launched the first salvo across the bow of this beast and ever since no President has ever solved, won, eradicated or defeated this issue.

If Edwards is elected President (and I doubt if that will happen) he will be the next President not to solve poverty.

What is the new solution to poverty? I'll tell you it's not, "lets throw more money at it." What magical fix does Edwards have up his french-cuffed sleeves? Could it involve taxes? Probably.

My thought is poverty will always exist no mater what you try to do to fix it. There are just some people who don't want to or can't work.

So lets go all out... if the next Pres can solve these problems: poverty, Middle East peace, high oil prices, illegal immigration, drug use and violence in media. He can be President for Life

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

A Disaster is a Terrible Thing to Waste

Democrats seem to enjoy linking a natural disaster to politics these days. Gore links Katrina to Global Warming and now Gov. Kathleen Sebelius of Kansas links the lack of National Guard equipment to the Iraq war.

Here is an idea how about politicians link a natural disaster to some form of action rather than some meaningless political spin.

Is Kansas so strapped for equipment that a bulldozer in Iraq can't be replaced with something similar from another town? How many contractors in Kansas would gladly offer their heavy equipment to help clear the debris?

What kind of equipment would they need? Here is a short list: chainsaws, dump trucks, wood shredders and recyclers. I really doubt that the Kansas National Guard has few if any of these items.

Perhaps Gov. Sebelius could stop mouthing off to the press, pick up the phone and round up some equipment from nearby communities.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Howard Dean and Insane Go Together Well

Well what does a political blogger do on a slow news day? You Google news search Howard Dean's name. This time the Deanster has landed in the Great State of Florida to expound his "superior" knowledge of immigration reform.

He starts off by bashing the troops in Afghanistan for not being able to find a 6'4" terrorist. That's a reference to Bin Laden if you don't know. Really, Dean's prep staff should keep his talking points more organized.

His next point and this is his first one on immigration states, "imagine what will happen to our economy?" in reference of having all 12 million illegal immigrants leaving the country at once. Really if that were to happen I bet it would be a glorious day. In reality I doubt all would have to make a run for the border. Why can't they stop by the Mexican embassy, it is technically sovereign Mexican territory.

The next point came from Carlos Pereira an immigrant advocate. He said factories depend on immigrants for cheap labor. Wait a second, shouldn't all factory jobs be high paying union jobs? Also if these illegals were legal wouldn't they get paid at least the minimum wage?

Next up is fear cause you can't be a democrat and not mention the word fear or soupline in a sentence. I doubt all 12 million illegal immigrants live in fear of being deported back to Mexico or wherever. Really this is the same border where a mariachi band, an elephant and a Congressional candidate repeatedly crossed without impunity. (Click Here)

Last was the mention of a voter registration drive. I hope that they don’t sign up any illegals. This action by the DNC may upset the felon voting block of the party.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Obama the Bad Guy?

Well here is a surprise I wasn't going to vote for Obama or any Democrat for president next year. However Obama's campaign stunt with a loyal volunteer, Joe Anthony would have really put me off for sure. The big O's camp thought they would yank Joe's MySpace page which has been faithfully maintained to the benefit of Obama.

This isn't some hack site either. Joe managed to get 160,000 friends listed on his page. That is pretty impressive considering I have 3 friends and one of those is the T.V. show Talk Soup (Click Here).

Here is a tip for the various campaigns out there. Don't dump on the little people that help you out. While the big guys or lady are jet setting around the country, hundreds if not thousands of what you would call peons work their butts off by making calls, stuffing mail and walking in parades all to benefit their candidate.

So here is a new slogan, "A candidate is as the campaign does." So wait for Obama to dump on you whether you have helped him or not.

Protest in the Lou

I was mildly annoyed this morning to read that there would be a protest outside of Sen Bond's office here in St. Louis and no one invited me!

Well after work today I grabbed my camera and went to clicking.

This afternoon was pretty miserable with rain and wind. However these conditions did not keep some 30ish people from coming out to protest of all things the Bush veto pertaining to the Iraq war funding bill.

Well here are a couple of points of mine. The thought of being safe here at home does not really ring true since 9-11. Burying our heads into sand, dirt or lattes does not stop the bad guys i.e. terrorists from killing us these days.

Here is an idea. What if Congress would write a bill that would fund our troops in Iraq and then load it up with pork bribes so that it is sure to pass and then demand that all troops be pulled out by a certain date which supersedes the President's power. Wait a moment I think that idea has already been used.

For all of the posturing in the last few days what has been accomplished? For starters all of the major democrats on Capitol Hill are enjoying their newly enlarged egos. The house leadership has no bill ready to fund the troops in Iraq anytime soon. Our troops in the field are probably scratching their heads trying to figure out what the hell is going on in Washington these days.

A Two Faced Congress

What I hate most are politicians that are two faced cowards.

Here is why.

Citation from S965 (Link Here)

Pg 27

1 (1) SENSE OF CONGRESS.—It is the sense of
2 Congress that—

10 (ii) strengthening the authority of
11 Iraqi commanders to make tactical and
12 operational decisions without political
13 intervention;

Why does our military have to be beholden to the whims of Congress while at the same time the Iraqi military commanders should be free from Iraqi political intervention?

Congress has to stop and rethink what is important. What is important is that we can leave Iraq as a stable and peaceful country. By removing our own commander's authority to operate will not accomplish anything except for chaos.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

For All of the Socialists Out There... Happy May Day!

This is the day of the year where all socialists come together (sometimes at gunpoint) and celebrate May Day. How does one celebrate this special day? One could roll thousands of poorly trained and ill equipped troops down Main Street. If the military theme does not suit your tastes you can steal, I'm sorry "nationalize" 60% of an industry. Venezuela is doing just that this very moment with the international oil companies.

So go out and prop up your half-dead aging dictators and wave a flag for your party and have yourself a wonderful May Day!

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